Why Taekwon-do?

Why is Taekwon-do the right martial art for you or your child?


Learn how to protect yourself through regular training, improve your reflexes, and learn to walk with confidence.


Practical in use, our dynamic trainign sessions will help you toward your fitness goals, while building your core and conditioning your body.


Build your confidence and character in a fun environment, meet new people, and become part of our Taekwon-do family.

Established in 2012 by Mr Christopher Black, NEST is the North East’s leading martial arts schools in traditional ITF Taekwon-do. With schools across the North East, Teesside, North Yorkshire, and County Durham. Providing fun family classes from ages 4 and above.

Taekwon-do is a traditional martial art originating in Korea, ideal for teaching children and adults about self-defence and discipline, while building confidence and character. We’re incredibly proud to support a multitude of students, including British, European, and World Champions. 

Our instructors are fully qualified to provide a fun learning experience for all your’s or your children’s needs. We are registered with the British Taekwon-do Council to promote the safe delivery of Taekwon-do and safeguarding for all students, we are fully qualified, insured, and DBS checked.

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Meet our instructors

Our highly experienced instructors are fully qualified, insured, and DBS checked. We are registered with the United Kingdom Taekwon-do Association, International Taekwon-do Fedaration, and the British Taekwon-do Council which is recognised by the UK Sports Council as the only governing body for Taekwon-do in the United Kingdom.

Mr Christopher Black

V Degree International Instructor

Chief instructor to NEST Taekwon-do, Mr Black has over 30 years experience training and teaching Taekwon-do.

Mr Black is a World Champion, with a successful career competing for Wales. Having earned many National, International, European, and World medals, including European 2017 double Bronze Medallist, and World 2018 Gold Medallist.

Mr Paul Bateman

I Degree Assistant Instructor

Mr Bateman is our North Yorkshire instructor, having established several classes across North Yorkshire.

Mr Richard Bairstow

I Degree Assistant Instructor

Mr Bairstow assists with teaching at all of our sessions across Teesside. A former Teesside University student, he helps teach at the University and with the running of the club.

Mr Marc Matthews

I Degree Assistant Instructor

Mr Matthews assists with teaching at our Teesside venues, and also assists teaching at our Tots classes.

Mr Alex Esplin

I Degree Assistant Instructor

Mr Esplin is a successful National Champion, having achieved multiple Gold Medals in all events. He assists with teaching across our Teesside classes, and at Teesside University.

Mr Perrie Osborn

I Degree Assistant Instructor

Mr Osborn is a National Champion, having a successful career he made his European debut in 2017 at the European Championships.

  • International Taekwon-do Federation
  • British Taekwon-do Council
  • United Kingdom Taekwon-do Association

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