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Welcome to NEST Taekwon-do!

Please make sure that you have contacted us before completing this signup process, if you haven’t then please Get in Touch!

Important Information

Each section of our signup process must be read in full and all information completed before you will be able to attend your first class.

Your space will not be reserved until A) the signup form on this page has been completed in full and submitted, and B) your setup fee has been received.

  1. Complete the Sign Up Form
  2. Complete the Setup Fee payment
  3. Read the Terms & Conditions for your membership
  4. Book your first session
  5. Completion and Helpful Links

1. Signup Form

You MUST complete this form IN FULL for each student that you will be signing up. The form below will ask you for some information that we require before you begin your membership with us. It should be completed by the student, or their parent / carer if the student is under 16. If you are signing up more than one student there’s a handy button to fill the form in again at the end of the form process.

The form will load below for you to fill out, however if it doesn’t appear then please use this link to open the form (please return to this page after completion).

2. Setup Fees

Setup Fee instructions

We require a one off setup fee as will have been detailed in your welcome email, this reserves your membership, and covers your UKTA membership fee (usually £35 alone), after which your first 4/8 lessons are FREE (depending on membership package).

Please note that if you are signing up multiple students you only need to complete this payment setup once. After your setup process is complete please contact us directly and we will apply for the correct setup fee amount.

Click the button below to head to our GoCardless payment for your setup fee, and follow the instructions on the link. Alternatively you can head to the link manually by going to in your browser.

This setup fee is non-refundable.

Once completed you must return to this page to follow the next step!

3. Terms & Conditions

Our Terms & Conditions are available at and we ask that you read them in full, as this explains in detail the terms of your membership with us. This page also contains our Privacy Policy, which explains how we collect and use the information you provide us with.

While we know that T&Cs can get lengthy, we do request that you read ours as it contains contractual information for your membership.

4. Book Your First Session

You MUST book in for every session you wish to attend, bookings are available 7 days before, and up until around 5:00pm on the day of the event (at which time bookings will close). Unfortunately we cannot allow students to train who haven’t booked in, and we will be unable to add you to the booking list after the shutoff time.

We require all students to book in, this helps us manage numbers, grading progression, and during COVID this allows us to meet Government requirements for track and trace.


Click the button below to visit our Booking site and follow the instructions at the top of the page. Alternatively you can visit the site directly at Please make sure to bookmark this site as you will need to book in for every session.

5. Completion and Helpful Links

Our main platform for communication is Facebook, we recommend that you Like our Facebook Page, and also join our Facebook Group which is where we post updates and news for classes.

Booking Portal:
Facebook Page:
Facebook Group:

We have a Taekwon-do Learning app to help students develop their Taekwon-do knowledge and learning, this is available on Google Play at (please contact us for alternate platforms/iOS)

Taekwon-do Learning App

We have produced a Taekwon-do Learning app to help students develop their Taekwon-do knowledge and learning, this will serve as a companion app for students. You can get the app for all Android devices by clicking the link below. If you require the app in a different format (ie on Apple devices), please get in touch with Mr Bairstow directly.